Jessica Lost Her Wobble

Jessica Lost Her Wobble - J. Schlenker This is a very intriguing novel, it pulls you into the life of Jessica/Jessie and shows you the struggle she is going through at the moment. In the beginning Jessie is dealing with loss and doesn’t seem to go beyond the grieving period, until someone makes her way into Jessie’s life. Then Jessie starts to learn how to love living again, and to overcome her insecurities, flaws and her past. You will follow Jessie through this process and see the people she will see again and meet for the first time.
The story takes place in 1959 and Jessie lives on this island that is kind of treated as a paradise, everyone who lives there has been through something in their lives and on that island they don’t have to talk about or face their problems, and I liked the concept and execution of that.
The ending is very satisfying and leaves you with no question that are unanswered. There are also three epilogue to choose from, so you can decide yourself how you want to story to end, I really enjoyed this as well.