Manga Classics: Emma

Manga Classics: Emma - Po Tse, Jane Austen, Luke Mehall;Gaelen Engler;Drew Thayer;Ashley King;Stacy Bare;Chris Barlow;Erica Lineberry;Brendan  Leonard;Teresa Bruffey;D. Scott Borden, Crystal Chan I enjoyed reading this. Emma is one of my favorite novels from Jane Austen, so there wasn’t much this manga could do wrong. And it was all I would have expected from a manga, to be honest. The characters were made a bit more extravagant which is normal in manga. They have followed the story the way it is, and they used the best and important scene from the book.
If you enjoyed reading Emma, I would recommend reading this manga. But I would also recommend reading the book before the manga, because in the book Emma’s thoughts are more explained and you understand her actions more than the way they are explained in the manga.