Fangirl - Rainbow Rowell *4.5 stars

I really enjoyed reading this book. It is probably because I really identified with Cath. The way she views things and her fears, and also the way she wants to stay with things which are familiar to her because they give her comfort. And just her way of dealing with things, is the way I mostly deal with things.
Now let’s talk about Levi. I was a bit apprehensive about his as I went into this book, because I have heard some mixed things about him. And he shares his name with a character I absolutely adore, so he had a lot to live up to. And he did in my opinion. He is basically what I look for in a partner, and now I wonder where I can find my own personal Levi. So yeah, I loved it.
Also I really enjoyed reading things from the Simon Snow universe, canon or fanfiction. And that is also the reason I bought Carry On.